Giclée Prints

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What is a Giclée Print?


Giclée prints are reproductions of original oil paintings and are signed and numbered by the artist, Tom Chapman. These prints do not have to be matted under glass like a paper print, but are framed just like an oil painting. This makes them much more affordable to frame than a paper print. It is very difficult to tell the print apart from the original oil painting.

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What is a giclée (zhee-clay) print? Giclée is a French term, which in this case means, “spray of ink”. Once completed each image is comprised of billions of droplets of ink, each one measuring no more than 15 microns in diameter. In the process the most archival water-based ink in the world is used. Applying UV light retardant and light stabilizer post-coatings to each image then completes the process. The results are museum –quality prints. The artist then hand signs the signature and number. As a final step the canvas is varnished to form a hard protective covering.