Horse commissions


Here is a small sample of some of the horse and racing commissions I've done. I paint them on canvas and will even frame them if you want. I usually need at least 6 to 8 weeks to complete the painting. I work from photos that you supply. To make a payment, click here.

Here is a small sample of completed horse & racing commissions


Prices depend upon size, background and composition. A painting of just the horse's head and shoulder and a plain background like in the lower left of the above collage is the least expensive. A full-body conformation painting is more. A racing painting like the Ascot  painting on the top right is the most expensive. All prices can be negotiated. I can do any size that you want. The below list is just a sample of how I try to estimate my prices.


The prices listed below are approximate and will give you an idea of how I price my commissions.


Size                basic Head and Shoulder                   Whole body                   Racing           Detailed Background        


12 x 16"                      $1,000                                   add   $300                  add  $350               add  $400


16 x 20"                      $1,200                                   add   $400                  add  $500               add  $500


18 x 24"                      $1,600                                   add   $600                  add  $700               add  $650


24 x 30"                      $2,200                                   add   $800                  add  $900                add  $800


24 x 36"                      $2,700                                   add   $1.100               add  $1,200           add  $1,000




Here an example of the way I would price the painting in the top right of the collage. The painting is 22 x 30" which isn't in my size list but I'll just estimate. 


Size 22 x 30"    Base Price $2,000 + Racing Painting $800 + Detailed Background $750 + 4 additional horses (4 x $300) + $1,200     =    $4,750 total cost


I do require 50% of the total payment upfront and the balance when the painting is finished. CA residents must pay sales tax. Prices don't include framing and we pay the shipping.